When Buying a Brand New Car Is a Better Option

Buying used cars Windsor is common practice, and many people eagerly look for deals at Ford car dealerships for used vehicles. The premise behind doing so relates to the concept that buying a used model saves drivers money. For example, with a used car, the first owner takes the huge financial hit associated with loss of equity in the vehicle’s first year. However, while a used car may be a more affordable buying decision from some aspects, there are instances when a brand new Ford may be a better option.


The Maintenance and Upkeep Costs

While the up-front cost associated with a used car may be more affordable than buying new, you also need to consider the ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs. New Ford models are sold with a great warranty, and this warranty may cover most repair issues for the first few years of ownership. Some car dealerships even offer free or discounted maintenance service during the first year or two of ownership. With these factors in mind, you can see that the ongoing costs of maintenance and upkeep for a new car may be more affordable than with a used car. Remember that older cars typically have more significant repair and maintenance issues than newer cars.

The Ability to Lease the Car
Car leasing is a more affordable financing solution for some drivers. For example, drivers who put low mileage on their cars and who plan to trade in the vehicle within a few years often prefer the conveniences and relative affordability of an auto lease rather than an auto loan. Furthermore, with car leasing, you do not have to worry about a vehicle retaining its value. This is because at the end of the lease, you simply turn the car back in to the dealership with the already agreed upon terms. Leasing is not available for used cars in most cases.


The Desire to Drive a New Vehicle
Another reason why buying a brand new car is a better option is because you have the ability to drive a new vehicle. Your vehicle should be comfortable and enjoyable for you to drive, and you need to feel proud of the car you are in. Some drivers prefer to have the latest and greatest features available and only want to drive a current model. If you fall into this category, you simply may not be happy with a used car regardless of the savings available.

If you are preparing to purchase your next car, carefully consider the benefits between used cars and new cars. While used cars make sense for many drivers, used cars are still a preferred option for some.

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