Top 6 Reasons Why Car Vins Are So Important

Your car’s vin is a unique number that identifies it against other cars. With your vin, you can run a vin decode or have a check performed when certain circumstances call for it. Let’s see what the benefits of knowing your vehicle’s vin number are below.

1.) Ensure It’s Not Stolen

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle you should do your due diligence. This means researching the vin through a car history search. This will allow you to see if the car is being legally sold or if it has been stolen. You don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of purchasing a stolen vehicle later down the road.

2.) Allows You To Look Up Vehicle Parts Quickly

Auto part websites like CarProof will typically use a vin decode search. This allows you to simply input the vin of your vehicle and get connected with the exact parts that it uses. Your vin shows all aspects of your car as made by the manufacturer. This includes sharing the engine size, body type, fuel type, suspension, as well as braking information. This is much simpler when it comes to ordering parts as opposed to finding part numbers on the broken products.

3.) Find A Detailed History Of A Car

When you are thinking about spending your hard earned money on a used vehicle, you should check its history. This includes things like the accident history, flood damage, and repair history at the dealership. This will allow you to identify if there were any major fixes or the vehicle was rebuilt after a major accident. Buying a used car is a gamble when you’re unable to check vin number.

4.) Check For Liens

When a person purchases a vehicle through a financial lender or they use their vehicle as collateral for a loan, there is a lien placed on the vehicle. This lien gives the financial lender rightful ownership over the car if the owner doesn’t pay back what is owed to the lender. If you don’t check the vehicle identification number for liens, you could be held liable for the other person’s mishaps. This could result in you losing the vehicle that you paid for without compensation.

5.) Prevent You From Buying A Cloned Vin

As technology has evolved, so have criminals. They now will do what is known as ‘cloning’ a vin. This is when they steal a vehicle and insert a fake vin plate that embellishes the vin of another vehicle of the same make and model. Telling you have a cloned vehicle can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for, as the type of car matches up with the vin. A couple of signs are looking at the history of the vehicle and seeing if there are any unusual circumstances in the past. These could be registering the car in multiple states in under a year or having multiple accidents recorded within a short time span. Any weird circumstances reported in the past should be a red flag and we would advise further assessment before purchasing the vehicle.

6.) Help Speed Up Report Time If Your Car Is Stolen

In the aftermath of a stolen vehicle, time is precious. To ensure your local police department is able to find your vehicle while it’s still in the area, they need to be notified as quickly as possible. This could be a problem for those who keep their title and insurance information in their car and those who don’t know their license plate number. Your car’s vehicle identification number is how the police department will be able to search for your vehicle and verify it’s stolen when they find it. Keeping your vin handy will ensure you can notify the police as quickly as possible after the incident occurs.

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