The Future Of The Dodge Caravan

Although the Dodge Caravan remains among the most popular used cars in Canada and throughout North America, the standard model hasn’t been manufactured since 2007. At the end of production, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Caravan would return in some form and pretty quickly. That hasn’t happened yet, and drivers who prefer the shorter wheelbase are left wondering when and if.

A Pacifica-based Caravan?

In a recent Ask Nathan segment, automotive journalist Nathan Adlen was asked about a new Dodge Caravan. He has a lot of connections within Dodge but had no news, which came as a bit of surprise. After all, recent rumors of a Caravan based on the Pacifica have been prevalent, and that almost makes too much sense not to happen. However, no word at this point makes a 2018 model unlikely at best, and those hoping will have to look to a late-year 2019 model at the earliest.

Competing with Itself

The lack of a new Caravan and their success as used cars has shown that there’s room for a new Dodge Caravan on the market. Considering the success of the Chrysler Pacifica, those not up on the subject may be left wondering why Fiat Chrysler would want to compete with itself. It wouldn’t really be competing, however, if you consider the role that the Pacifica plays in the current market.

Make It Sportier, More Economical or Both

One way that the new Caravan could stand out and not cannibalize brand sales would be in an economy edition. When you consider the success late models are having as pre-owned vehicles, it’s hard to understand how the boardrooms in question aren’t just drooling at the thought of the possibilities.

Another area where a new Caravan makes a lot of sense and offers exciting possibilities would be in a sportier edition. Minivans, if you want to call them that, aren’t just for families anymore. All types of people across many different lifestyles are using them, and the sale of used cards supports that. Something that wasn’t in the luxury tier but had sporty qualities and tech to match would do very well.

The Future of Caravan

One thing Caravan fans can still be certain of is that a new model is coming. The question remains when, but the current market, including improved fuel consumption technology and lowered fuel prices, suggests sooner than later. In the meantime, we’ll just have to continue enjoying those preowned Caravans that are still available and still providing tremendous value for our vehicle dollar.

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