Overview Of The 2016 Toyota Corolla Sedan

Those spending time shopping for new cars at the local car dealerships will have a few things on their mind in terms of buying a new vehicle. Such things will include the price of said vehicle, the features included, and how safe your family will be while riding in the new car after getting it off the lot. There are plenty of well known car manufacturers around the country who are producing high-end vehicles for the every day consumer to enjoy, including the likes of Toyota, who has won numerous safety awards and best of awards for their vehicles over the past few years. Buyers seeking a sleek, efficient new ride to enjoy could look no further than the 2016 Toyota Corolla Sedan.


The price is one aspect of purchasing a new vehicle that every buyer will research beforehand, no matter how much income they have saved for a new vehicle. When it comes to the 2016 Corolla Sedan, the current starting MSRP is $17,300, which puts it ahead of the game. With all of the other extended features or included amenities, the price could be as high as $20,915 in some cases.


In terms of new technology, the 2016 Corolla Sedan features a wide selection and a few stock options for drivers. Toyota is proud to include their Entune Premium Audio, Bluetooth, a backup camera, voice recognition, USB ports, and steering wheel controls. Each piece of tech included in the vehicle was designed to make your life easier while on the road. The car is far more luxurious after each one was installed, too.


Everyone wants an efficient driving vehicle for everyday use, and the 2016 Corolla Sedan stands out. Toyota has achieved an estimated 42 miles per gallon, an ECO driving mode, and CVTi-S Valvematic technology. This last efficiency feature is quite notable, as a matter of fact. The Valvematic technology in the new Corolla helps provide a great driving experience and far better fuel efficiency over previous models. The transmission ensures smoothness and offers more control to the driver.


The new Corolla comes stock with eight standard airbags to ensure everyone in the vehicle is safe in the event of an accident. Should one occur, the included safety features, like the Star Safety System, Whiplash-Injury-Lessening Seats, and LATCH will ensure everyone is less likely to experience an injury. The LATCH system is quite useful and notable, as it protects the children in the backseat by adding an additional safety measure for young children.

All-in-all, the new 2016 Corolla Sedan has evolved from previous iterations to offer the best ride for your time and money. Test drive one at your local dealership to see for yourself.

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