How Honda Has Reimagined the Civic for 2016

Despite still being one of the most popular vehicles in North America, Honda has decided to give the Civic a major facelift both outside and inside the car for 2016. These changes help the vehicle achieve the modern look and technological sophistication that today’s car shopper wants but without losing sight of what has made the Civic a top seller over the years at nearly every Honda dealship in Canada.

What’s New in 2016

Honda has reintroduced the Civic with three core models: the sedan, coupe and four-door hatchback. Sportier performance is available via the Si and the all-new Type R. The Natural Gas and Hybrid options have been discontinued. The sedan and coupe, which are our focal point here, are among the best sellers in their respective classes, and they now have a wider, more aggressive stance as well as angular body accents that really differentiate them from what we’ve been used to over the last decade.


The cabin is much roomier now, and there’s been a noticeable upgrade to material quality on the mainstream Civic. The upholstery is attractive, and the bolstered front seats deliver a comfortable ride. The dash is well-organized and includes a digital speedometer, backup camera and USB ports. The center console has a sleek, double-level design that provides many pockets for your accessories.


The Civic has always been fun to drive, but Honda has now given us an exterior that matches that enthusiasm. Even the most basic Civic at your local Honda dealship will feature sexy 16-inch aluminum wheels and a dual-exhaust configuration that makes it look quite sporty. The vehicle is low to the ground, and the sleek, angular cues draw your attention to one of the most exciting Civic frontends ever.


The base Civic comes with a 2.0L four-cylinder, and you have the option of upgrading to a turbocharged 1.5L four. In the base configuration, you’ll get 158 horsepower and an RPM redline of 6,750. The transmission is a six-speed manual by default, which is responsive and a lot of fun to use, but you have the option of an automatic as well.


Honda has always done very well with the Civic when it comes to safety, so you won’t notice any big changes in that regard. Airbags, side-impact protection and the like are all present, and the standard model now features a warning system for forward collisions. Options include LaneWatch, which is a lane-keeping assist, and an expanded driver’s mirror.

If you want to learn more, Formula Honda is a helpful website with lots of information and resources.

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